Kays Article and News round 02/12/2015

Article, Foggy Furze Folk Club, Friday, 4 December 2015


There’s a meeting of the Headland Folk Club over at the Duke of Cleveland in Church Walk on the headland this evening.  Their last meeting of the year is to be on 18 December 2015.  The next date after that is open to disccusssion at the moment so please look on their facebook page for further information.  I’m sure Paul and Barrie will keep you updated once they work it out.

At the Nursery Inn in Hopps Street, Yorkie is looking forward to introducing you to Serious Sam Barrett for the Christmas party evening for Pools Folk and Acoustic Music Club.  That’s to be on 21 December 2015, ticket price to be advised.  However, before then you’ve got two weeks to come and enjoy the ambience of a Monday evening singaround session.

In the Causeway in Stranton, we’re looking forward to a seasonal visit from Just Us Kitchy Retro on 15 December 2015 and the regulars from the Foggy Furze Folk Club will be hosting a Christmas carol singalong on Tuesday, 23 December 2015, to start the festive proceedings.  Can’t wait.

You’re welcome in any of the clubs, whether it’s just to listen or play or sing.  At the Foggy Furze Folk Club, it’s £1 per evening for a singaround and £2 for a guest night.  You can contact me on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com or read this article again on www.foggyfurzefolk.com.  We start at 8.00 pm each Tuesday and look forward to seeing you.