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Article, Foggy Furze Folk Club, Friday, 27 June 2014

Phew, where’s that first half of the year gone? Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine now it’s here.

For your entertainment tonight, over at the Pot House (or Harbour of Refuge as it’s formally known), Barrie Archer will be waiting to conduct you all in the Headland Folk Club’s regular fortnightly gathering. So get yourself over there and join in.

Monday evenings are always Pools Folk and Acoustic Club’s turn over at the Nursery Inn in Hopps Street, Hartlepool. The folk club is preceded by a drumming session to which folks are welcome. If you think you might want to get rid of the frustrations of the day, drumming is a great way to start. The Folk Club starts at 8.30 for 9.00 and Yorkie Gibson will be there to welcome you.

The Foggy Furze Folk Club now has a new home (no, it’s not déjà vu, you’ve heard this recently). We will now be meeting at the Causeway in Stranton, Hartlepool each Tuesday from 8.00 pm till 11.00 pm and you’re welcome to come and join us. The Causeway is known locally for music of several genres on different nights so Tuesday is again folk night. Come along and join in. We’ve had one new contributor already this week.

You can keep up with what’s happening on www.foggyfurzefolk.com or get in touch on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com . Remember it’s only charge £1 entry on a singaround night, or £2 for a guest night. You’ll be welcome.

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