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Article, Friday, 19 April 2013, Foggy Furze Folk Club

Over at the Moorings on the Marina, Just Us Kitchy Retro are playing for the enjoyment of diners between 1 and 3. Their regular open mike nights at the Fisherman’s Arms, Southgate, on the headland, continue every other Wednesday from 1 May 2013.

At the Pot House, there’s a tribute evening planned for 26 April 2013 when Martin Whitley will lead the assembled company in songs that his brother, Graham, used to sing regularly when he wrote this column for the Mail. There’s a new 7-piece band making their debut there that night, could be the place to be.

Last week the FFFC played host to Martin Nesbitt. We’re still laughing. The next guest at the Foggy Furze Folk Club is going to be Dave Gibb, a Scot with a dry and effective wit. This is at the Atheneum Club in Church Street, Hartlepool on Tuesday, 14 May 2013.

And down at the Nursery, Hopps Street, Hartlepool, the Pools Folk and Acoustic evening is trucking along meeting every Monday where there are regular jam sessions for your enjoyment.

There’s something going on every week, all you have to do is determine to find it. Why not visit the FFFC down in Church Street, Hartlepool. Only £1 for a singaround evening or £2 on a guest night. You know you’ll be made welcome. You can keep in touch with what happening on www.foggyfurzefolk.com or get in touch with me on kay.death@yahoo.co.uk

Kays Article 08/04/13

Article, Foggy Furze Folk Club, Friday, 5 April 2013
Busy couple of weeks for your local folkies.
Up at the Foggy Furze Folk Club, held in the Athenaeum Club in Church Street, Hartlepool, each Tuesday at 8.00, next Tuesday, 9 April 2013, they play host to none other than Mr Martin Nesbitt, he of the wry comedy writing and downright funny songs. You’ll love his turn of phrase and feel-good outlook on life. Only £2 entry, get down there and just enjoy the fun.

This Saturday, 6 April 2013, Kay De ‘Ath is to perform at the Nursery Inn, Hopps Street, Hartlepool beginning at 8.00 pm. Again, a budget-busting £2 entry, get in early to get a good seat.

Over at the Fishermans’ Arms in Southgate on the Headland, Steve and Mandy are scheduling music regularly at least three evenings a week but it’s different genres depending on which week of the month. Best thing to do – get yourself in there to see who’s playing this week.

Over at the Headland Folk Club, held in the Pot House, they will be hosting their next evening on Friday, 12 April 2013 and are planning a hot spot from Alan Higgins, with the performance also of some Graham Miles songs.
Remember, whichever of the local folk clubs you visit, you’ll be made welcome, most of them charge a minimal £1 entry and there are some great performances to be caught if you’re diligent. Over at the FFFC, we only charge £1 on a singaround night, £2 on a guest night. Get yourself over, have fun