John did his 15mins of fame and broke the record for the number of songs fitted into 15 to 20mins. countless lol. well received and thoroughly enjoyed  by all present as they sang along with him. Well done John and we are looking forward to you breaking the record again one day. Next week is a good old sing A round and Kay is kicking off at 8  at the latest so lets all make the effort to support her effort. Our club likes to finish early as its a weekday night so starting early is the answer.

weekly news 16/04/12

This is an copy and paste from our facebook page from Kay which I think sums up the discussion/debate on the possibility of moving home………………well, we had an excellent discussion last night and we’ve made our minds up. We’re staying where we are! Thanks everyone who took part. I think this little exercise has made us look at the whole topic properly and we’ve weighed and measured the whole situation and realised we actually like where we are…………….