weekly news from Kay 14/06/11

Over at the Atheneum in Church Street, the Foggy Furze Folk Club has played host this week to Skyran who played their best yet with a new set and new contributors which really rounded out the sound.  Excellent set guys, keep on truckin’.

Wednesday nights over at the Fisherman’s Arms on the headland are a real lively evening now with lots of different sorts of sounds coming together in a unity of musicianship.  A great big jam session.  Even if you don’t play, you’ll enjoy the atmosphere.

This Friday sees the Headland Folk Club at the Cosmopolitan.  A great folkie night so get there early for the best seats. And don’t forget Mondays are always lively over at the Nursery where Yorkie plays host at the Pools Folk and Acoustic Club.

It’s all going on.  Whichever night you choose to go out, there’s something going on musically in Hartlepool throughout the week.  Don’t forget the Foggy Furze is still only £1 for a singaround night, £2 on a guest night and you’re all welcome.  It’s getting quite busy there on a night, be there or miss out.


Kays Article, weekly news 08/06/11

Article, Friday, 10 June 2011

Lots of stuff starting to happen on the folk front as people start to gear up to the new season.  New songs for sets getting their fine tuning and everyone coming down with summer colds just two days before a gig.  That’s life. Over at the Foggy Furze Folk Club, held at the Athenaeum Club in Church Street, Hartlepool, with its shiny new stairs, they are playing host to Skyran, a local group with a broad base of song genres, some excellent instrumentation and lovely sounds next Tuesday, 14 June 2011.  It’s only £2 on a guest night so why not come along.  Barrie Archer is hosting the Headland Folk Club next Friday, 17 June 2011, over in the Cosmopolitan on the Headland and he hopes you’ll join him there for a rousing singaround.  There is a lot of musical stuff going on at the moment over on the headland and it’s all for joining in.  Go one, get yourself along.  The Pools Folk and Acoustic Club still holds regular evenings on a Monday and you will always be made welcome there. Wednesday night at the Fisherman’s Arms is becoming a regular folkie event.

Don’t forget you’re welcome at any of the venues and most of them celebrate good ale at a reasonable price.  The FFFC is held each Tuesday evening, from 8.30 pm and is £1 on a singaround night, £2 on a guest night.  See you there.