Kay’s Article, Friday, 18 February 2011

Loads to tell you, lots happening.

The Foggy Furze Folk Club played host for the first time in their new abode, the Atheneum Club in Church Street, Hartlepool.  Foolsgold Acoustic were an excellent trio, plenty of intriguing instruments and novel songs.  A great evening for our first guest night, thanks guys.  Our next guests at the FFFC are Strings ‘n’ Things on Tuesday, 8 March 2011, who excel in American Folk music from the Appalachian tradition.

The Headland Folk Club had it’s first night under new leadership last Friday, when Barrie Archer took over as MC.  It was full of the usual crew and people came from far and near, London, Leeds, Hartlepool itself.  A wonderful evening, enjoyed by all.

Now important news, the next session of the Headland Folk Club will take place at the Harbour of Refuge (Pot House), our previous venue.  Barrie hopes to make this a regular pattern so keep an eye out for details.

The Pools Folk and Acoustic Club has opened again at the Nursery on a Monday and Yorkie and his crew are there to welcome you each week.  Check out the Friday djembe session.

Anyway, don’t forget you’re always welcome at the FFFC and any other of the folk clubs in town.  It’s only £1 at the FFFC on a singaround night, only £2 for a guest night.  Keep in touch with us on www.foggyfurzefolk.com or myself on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com.

Starting a UKULELE club in Hartlepool

The following is an extract from an e mail to me from Geof Lilley, anyone interested please call Geoff to help get the ball rolling.

Dear Barry and Ian, Following on from Barry’s conversation with me last night about starting a UKULELE club in Hartlepool I’m sure that there could be enough interest in Hartlepool to set up a club.Most local clubs are very inclusive and encourage ukuers of all ages and abilities. I’m sure we could get some tuition from local clubs in the short term until such time as a club could stand on its own two feet. Links to local clubs;  http://www.mightyukulele.co.uk/index_clubs.htm you will see there are clubs in Darlo, Saltburn and Newcastle. There is also a uku workshop the last friday in the month a Sedgefield. I’m not musically inclined, however, I’ve found the uku a very easy instrument to learn and I’m sure that schools could be interested if things develop. My phone number is 291542. Comments welcomed. Regards Geoff Lilley

weekly news 08/02/11

Our first guests in our new venue “Fools Gold” got our new venue of to a cracking start. With the aid of modern technology they recorded their performance and it is available as free download from www.foolsgoldacoustic.co.uk/downloads/foggy.zip shortly.  Feel free to check it out. Thanks to fools gold and we will see you again in the future. Come along next week for a singaround at the Athenaeum Club, Church street Hartlepool kick off 8 30pm. all genre welcome.

Kays Mail Article

Article, Friday, 4 February 2011

The folkie world in Hartlepool has had a couple of shifts around and one or two surprises over the last couple of weeks.

For starters, the Foggy Furze Folk Club has a new home at the Atheneum in Church Street, Hartlepool as our former residence is undergoing a refurbishment.  You can combine a perusal of the new ‘clubhouse’ with an evening listening to Foolsgold Acoustic, our next guests who appear next Tuesday, 8 February 2011. There was a lovely laid back atmosphere in the Cos last Friday when the Young Uns played host for the first time since early December.  Loads of friends from the scene were there and they will all be congregating again next Friday, 11 February 2011 so be there early or stand all night.         There was a little hiccup in continuity at the Nursery this week but the Nursery Folk and Acoustic Club will be meeting for their regular evening on Monday, 7 February 2011.  There is also a djembe drumming club being held there regularly on a Friday so get along and batter out all the week’s frustrations on a goat skin.  Very rhythmic.

If you wish to keep up with things in the folkie world you can always log into our website at www.foggyfurzefolk.com or chat with me on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com.  Remember, we’re at the Atheneum in Church Street now, we look forward to seeing you in our new abode.

weekly news 01/02/2011

First night at the Athenaeum club was very well received by all. the facilities made available to us are excellent. A speech of welcome was made by Geof Hainsworth the club secretary which made the foggy furze folk club members relax into there new venue. I wont single out anybody for performance this first night as all were in top form. Jan and Ian as co chairman were delighted with the amount of members who made it for this first night. Next week is the first guest night at the Ath with Fools Gold its £2 to see an excellent combo, all are welcome so please join us for what for sure will be an excellent night.