weekly news 17/08/10

This week we were paid a visit by Ian Tyzach, Fools Gold all the way from Stanley and Durham and by our old friends Strings and Things. Pat and Ron were in fine form and it was a pleasure to see them both looking healthy and singing really good. Fools Gold are a trio from Stanley and Durham City, Steve and Carol Robson and there friend Steve. There instruments are double bass, 4 string guitar, 6 string guitar and flute and they play excellent music to a high standard, Carol on lead vocals has a charming voice easy on the ear and is complimented by Steve and Steve on the harmony’s. We were enthralled by there sound and have invited them to do a guest night for us on February the 8th,We enjoyed meeting Ian Tyzach and loved his music, i hope this minstrel wanders this way again soon.  John brought his accordion for the first time, he admitted to being a tad rusty but he made a lovely sound to mix up the evening, Martin did his funny whaling song and Stan coughed up with a couple of funny poems, Alan did puppet on a string for the first time on his harmonica, all in all a great sing around night.

Weekly News 10/08/10

Cliff Healey did the guest night and was  excellent. despite the tall ships festival in Hartlepool dragging on Late on tuesday there was still a decent turnout at the travellers to see Cliff perform. He was complaining of having a sore throat but for sure no one could tell as he ploughed through a varied set  from Nancy Spain to the snow on Glen Coe. I cant wait till the next time Cliff is invited to guest here at the Foggy Furze Folk Club.

Next week is a sing around which is still going to be on even though the holidays will cause a dip in numbers so please come along and join us on Tuesday night.

weekly news 3/08/10

After a slow start the club filled up and we had a smashing night. Two new friends John and Martin came along and both did great with John doing a lot of tunes on a classical guitar, black waterside and even some Beatles stuff we totally enjoyed. Martin conjured up a couple of brilliant self composed songs that I would love to hear again and again. one serious dedication to anyone who has tread the boards and the other a totally humorous take on the rock and folk world which demonstrated Martins talent and witty slant on life. Alan did his 15 mins of fame on his gob iron, everyone was totally smitten as he rattled of old and new tunes guaranteed to satisfy our desire to hear him perform. Well done Alan and do it again soon mate. Next week we have Cliff Healey guesting and this excellent singer and guitar player is not to be missed, come along and join us at the Travellers Rest at 8 on Tuesday for an unforgettable night of folk and American folk/country music.