Weekly news 27/07/10

The sing around was slow to start this week, due in the main to illness and holidays, but we rallied to a good 16 before the beer break. Alans mouth organ was missing a note so he decided to do his 15 min spot next week, come along and have a listen, you wont be disappointed. Stan and his witty poems Kay and her beautiful folk tunes and Jean with Maddy singing Grace were the highlights of the evening. Harry Cosgrove went back to his roots and sang The Lampton worm without his guitar and had us all joining in with the rousing chorus, nice one Harry!

Kays Article 30/07/10

Article, Friday, 30 July 2010

At the Foggy Furze Folk Club in the Travellers’ Rest, Stockton Road, we’ve had a rousing couple of weeks, with this Tuesday turning into an impromptu hooligan music night.  During the next two weeks we’ve got a spot-light on Alan’s wonderful harmonica playing on 3 August, followed on 10 August by Cliff Healey with a full evening’s entertainment.  Cliff is a great singer, a human juke box with a vast repertoire.

Well, as we told you last time, there was no Headland Folk Club this last fortnight but there is a one-off on Friday, 6 August 2010, a ‘pre-festival warm up’.  All good self-respecting festivals have a warm-up evening so this is a good precursor for the whole Tall Ships weekend.

Now whilst we’ve had no Headland Folk Club during the last fortnight, we have had a fund raiser over at the Nursery this Monday, which was well supported by local groups and the purpose was to send a young volunteer teacher away to India with funds in her back pocket to purchase stationery once she arrived there.  I really enjoyed the ‘Skyran-ish’ set, with the boys getting down and heavy whilst Angela enjoyed a well-earned break.

Hopefully during the next fortnight you’ll find out just how much grass roots music there is available in this town and will thoroughly enjoy what has been prepared for you by the various organisers, one of the primary ones being Sean Cooney of the Young ‘Uns.  He’s really worked hard with the programme so we know it’ll work.  But don’t forget you’re always welcome at any of the local clubs, whatever the season and it’s only £1 to come along to the FFFC each Tuesday from 8.30.  keep in touch with folk events on www.foggyfurzefolk.com or catch me on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com.

Kays Article

Article, Friday, 16 July 2010

Well there’ve been frolics in the folkie world this last two weeks.  At the Foggy Furze Folk Club in the Travellers’ Rest in Stockton Road in Hartlepool, we welcomed the first ‘Jan’s Jukebox’, where one person selects songs for all the other players to perform.  It worked really well without cramping anyone’s style so there’s another selection to be performed sometime in the future.

This week the FFFC were roundly entertained by Maggie Gee and her merry men on Irish and Northumbrian pipes, guitars, mandolins, penny whistles and a concertina.  A jolly good time was had by all.

The next spotlight is Al on the harmonica and he should be on on 27 July.  Our next guest is Cliff Healey, the human jukebox, 10 August 2010.

At the Cosmopolitan last weekend there was a cracking evening, people from all over the north-east entertaining one another.  Now be aware that there’s no Headland Folk Club on 23rd but there is one on 6 August – that’ll be the last one for the summer.

This week has also seen the start of a shanty group in the nursery on a Wednesday (as well as the regular Monday evening folk and acoustic night) so why not pop down and see what’s happening?

You know you’re welcome at any of the local folk clubs, so why not pop in and enjoy a quiet drink while listening to your local folkies?  Alternatively, you can catch up on www.foggyfurzefolk.com or get in touch on kay@foggyfurzefolk.com.